Water Left In The Bottom Of Dishwashers

Have you experienced water being left in the bottom of your dishwasher after you have used it, most people lead a busy life and these appliances are made to help you not to have to do the mundane task of washing pots and pans so when something goes wrong it is extremely annoying and inconvenient, also can be time consuming sorting an engineer’s visit to repair your appliance.

There are a few things you can check before calling an engineer home saura saving you some money and allowing you to get on with more important things.

1, The sump filter could just be blocked, this is situated in the bottom of the dishwasher and may be clogged up with food and also bits that could have come off the glassware or crockery that may have been damaged or chipped on one of the previous washes or could have happened when you are loading the dishwasher quickly when you are in a hurry its easy to bang things together and chip or even smash plates and glasses some of these pieces could have been overlooked and made their way into the filter at the bottom, be careful as some of these could be sharp and you could easily cut yourself, you may have to remove the bottom trays to access this filter, cleaning the filter should be a regular maintenance of your appliance.

2, The drain hose could be blocked or kinked, check this for blockages and bends that will restrict the flow of waste water leaving the machine, if your drain hose is connected to the U bend under the sink and the waste water leaves this way, check the spigot it connects to as blockages often occur there, its surprising how quickly it can get blocked in this narrow place, this method is mostly used in modern kitchens with little space, but yours could simply be going out through a standpipe directly outside this method is better and you will have less problems.

3, The dishwasher could be just not level, all dishwashers should be fitted with adjustable feet at the front and if they are set wrong all the water could be accumulating at the front, adjust the feet so it tilts back slightly so the water falls towards the pump.

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