Whole Wheat Spaghetti With Sardines and Cheese

Spaghetti is a type of pasta. Pasta is a term used to describe food products made of unleavened dough of wheat or buckwheat. There are many types of pasta: spaghetti (thin string shape), maccheroni (tube or cylinder shape), lasagna (sheets), and fusilli (swirls). Pasta is often called Italian noodle. It is a good source of carbohydrate.

Cooking spaghetti is a little tricky. It is boiled to get the “al dente” texture. The Italian term “al dente” simply means not so soft but firm to the bite. If it is undercooked, it is too crunchy and not digestible. https://sweetandsavorymeals.com/instant-pot-spaghetti-sauce/  On the other hand, when overcooked, it is limp and easily broken. However, there is some types of pasta that is meant to be cooked until it is very soft like spaghettoni. Some other types of pasta like spaghettini and vermicelli takes shorter time to cook since it is thinner.

Spaghetti must be cooked in boiling water. You have to use a large amount of water to boil pasta. Add some salt in the boiling process to enhance the flavor. The cooking duration is about 10 – 15 minutes. The proper way to cook spaghetti can be read on the package.Spaghetti is usually served with sauce. One of the most popular sauces is Bolognese sauce (or Bolognaise in French). This sauce originated in Bologna, Italia. It is usually made of beef, pancetta, carrot, celery, onion, tomato sauce, milk, wine, salt, and pepper. Instead of making our own spaghetti sauce, this time we will use canned sardines. Here is the recipe of whole wheat spaghetti with sardines and cheese.


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