Online slot games have taken the world by storm since their inception at the start of the internet age in the 1990s. From their original styles which aimed to copy the classic pub slot machine, online slot games are now more diverse and abundant than ever before – visit

If you are a gambler in Canada then you will be no stranger to the best online Canadian slot games that are on offer. Canada, believe it or not, is the host to some of the best online slots that the world has ever seen!

So, if you are an igamer in Canada who has been searching the web for a while now and is yet to find the best online slot game, then we have just the answers for you!

How can you find the best online slot game that suits your needs?

Online slot games are so plentiful that there is no doubt that there is one for every individual’s needs. If you have been playing but do not quite know which kind of gamer you are then it is probably about time that you found the best online slot games for you.

When discovering your true online slot game self, there are a few categories that players tend to put themselves into:

  •         The high roller – This might be you! The high roller is a Canadian igamer who challenges online slot games to win the jackpot at whatever cost. Most non-slot gamers think of this kind of player because they might see the huge jackpot signs in front of online slot games and think that every punter is trying to score that… only the ambitious high roller will. Perhaps you should challenge famous progressive jackpot slots like Mega Moolah.
  •         The casual gamer – Maybe, when playing online slot games in Canada, you place a little bet here and there and on a bunch of different games to even it out. If you are careful with your dosh and spend it on the games with the lowest odds then you might just be a casual gamer. Look for the slots that have RTPs higher than 95%.
  •         Themed playing – If you want to travel down mystical roads then the best online slot games for you in Canada have got to be playing the themed ones. We would thoroughly recommend taking on some safari adventures to get your gold!

So, what are the best online slot games that are available to play in Canada?

As you can see, there are a lot more categories than what we have managed to get down, however, the Canadian bettors have spoken and voted in their numbers for the best slot games. These are the most played online slots in Canada:

  1.       Wheel of Fortune
  2.       Mega Moolah
  3.       Starburst
  4.       Gonzo’s Quest, the search for Eldorado
  5.       Thunderstruck

So, if you are an avid Canadian slot gamer, check these out… you might just get lucky!

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