The benefits of using air track for fitness and therapy are extensive. It could be defined as below:

Adds More Resistance and Allows Diverse Exercises:

Air track provide good resistance. They can be used for virtually any kind of exercise. They can be used for multiple body parts. You can get into a position in which you can do anything from lying on your back or sitting on the floor, to crawling from a prone position or even from a standing position.

Easy for Modifying Exercises:

It is also beneficial as you can modify an exercise to make it more challenging. You can add incline to your stairs. You can remove the mat and work on all fours. You can add stretch bands or other tension bands to make an exercise more challenging.

Final Verdict:

Thus, and air track is a great way to combine your cardio and resistance training for fitness and physical therapy. You can also do exercises that you don’t have room for on the ground. You can also use the air track for stretches. Kameymall brand is known to be as one of our recommended brand for buying air track. People who stretch might find this to be a great workout mat!

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