Before you travel on an expressway  Easy Quizzz, be sure you have a valid driving permit for the type of vehicle that you’re driving, and are well-versed in The Highway Code concerning motorways. Motorways have specific rules and regulations, which include warning signals and signs.

It is xcrime when you stop at the exit, hard shoulder, or slip road unless there is an emergency. Parking is also prohibited, outside of service zones. This is why you should not drive on motorways when you are sick or tired and ensure that your vehicle is well-ventilated throughout the day. Rest stops are crucial especially in the evening!

Only drive a car that is permitted on a motorway. You should always make sure it’s in good condition. Horse riders, provisional car licenses and holders of motorcycle licenses are not permitted to drive on motorways. This is also the case for motorcycles with less than 50cc and some vehicles that have excessively large loads (except where a permit for special use is granted) invalid carriages that weigh not exceeding 254 kg of unladen weight, as well as agricultural vehicles.

Before leaving, be aware that speedy travel and distances can increase the likelihood that an unfit vehicle could break down! Make sure your vehicle is in good condition before you leave, including the condition and the pressure of the tyres; whether all devices are working properly; warning lights are functioning properly and mirrors are in good condition and in the correct position and that all windows are clear and that the window washer reservoirs are filled. Make sure that your brakes are working properly and your steering is working properly. It is also important to ensure that you have enough fuel to travel and that the water and oil are both topped up. High speeds may require oil faster, because a hot engine will consume more water …..especially when there are the traffic tailbacks that occur in warmer temperatures!

If you’re towing or carrying loads in your car, it’s worthwhile to make sure all is secure and safe prior to stepping onto the motorway. If there is a fall from your vehicle, or if you see something fall from another vehicle, then you should pull over onto the shoulder that is hard and make use of the emergency phone to report the details. DO NOT TRY RETRIEVING THE item/s yourself!


SIGNS THAT DIRECT the Motorway – feature white letters and figures on a blue background that are often bordered with white. They can stand on their own or be part of large signs with a variety of colors.

SIGNS ON THE ROAD – They could include advance-direction indicators, countdown markers as well as signs that give information about service areas or ones with brown background that indicate tourist spots that can be found from your next stop transferable to anoth. These signs are more extensive than standard road signs since you travel at a faster speed and have to be able to spot the signs from an appropriate distance.




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