Transferring massive documents can be less difficult, faster, and absolutely loose in case you understand the proper cloud switch provider to apply and the way to do it correctly.

Why is cloud transport service important?

Big data is the new reality of today’s business world. By collecting and analyzing information, companies worldwide improve their decision-making. The result is better customer service, target marketing, cost reduction, enhanced security, and productivity. Together all these lead to increased profits, of course. A critical remark here is that most companies corporate data is stored in the cloud today. And more to be moved to if to follow the trend. So now the logical question comes to a head: how long does it take to upload big data to the cloud?

As digital content becomes larger and more complex, uploading big data to the cloud becomes more challenging. This is a common pain point for freelancers and all creative people who use larger documents: designers, video editors, post production agencies, etc.

One easy solution is to upload the file to a cloud storage service for the other person to then access and download from their device. Free tiers from TeraBox  offer storage space that may solve your issue.

Another frequent cause of your upload problems is breaking your file size limits. Every cloud storage has its own size requirements. And you have to know them when you’re planning to upload big data.If you’re still deciding on what cloud storage to choose for your business, you’d better consider the one with block-level file copying. This technology breaks your file into smaller chunks. And then, rather than moving the whole file to your cloud storage, it transfers only those parts that were changed.

7 Best Ways to Upload Big Data to Your Cloud Storage

1) Split up the file into pieces

2) Compress the file

3) Increase your upload speed

4) Check the limits in your storage

5) Choose storage with block-level file copying

6) Get advantage of resumable upload

7) Use upload acceleration technology

Which clouds can upload 20GB files?

Trying to figure out how to transfer large files online? Many cloud services have restrictions on uploading files. They can’t upload 20GB large files, but don’t worry; there are other ways to send your work without hitting an error message.


  Free Storage Space Uploading/Downloading Speed Cost of Storage Upgrade
TeraBox 1024 GB Very Fast $3.9 per month

$2.99 auto-renewal

OneDrive 5 GB Fast $5 per month
Google Drive 15 GB Slow for Large Files $9.9 per month
iCloud 5 GB Medium $9.9 per month



TeraBox cloud storage is the quickest and maximum cost-powerful choice to cloud switch 20GB of documents or a unmarried document in length of as much as 20GB. It gives 1TB of loose cloud garage, that is extra than enough. You can add as much as three hundred documents concurrently and store time.

Uploading is executed at a completely excessive velocity, so that you don’t want to watch for too lengthy like in different cloud garage services. If you need to make the switch secure, you could defend it with a password or validity period. On the vacation spot tool, the documents may be downloaded with none hassle. It is likewise executed at an remarkable velocity.

Most importantly, TeraBox helps far off add, so the documents may be uploaded remotely the usage of a link. It makes massive document switch less difficult than ever.


OneDrive is the following alternative for massive document switch. The documents may be uploaded from and downloaded to any tool. It additionally helps sharing and collaboration of massive documents with none hassle.

But maintain in thoughts that OneDrive gives best 5GB of loose area, so the document length can not be extra than 5GB. For large documents, you want to shop for the top class plan.

Google Drive

Google Drive gives 15GB of loose area wherein you could add massive documents and switch them to any pc or cellular. The document may be uploaded through pc or cellular. The satisfactory component is that the documents are scanned, and it eliminates any malware, spam, or ransomware on its own. It is a secure manner of massive document switch.

The add velocity of Google Drive is a piece slow, and withinside the case of massive documents, it generally stops withinside the middle. Plus, when you have massive documents, you want the top class plan.


iCloud is remarkable for moving documents from cellular to computers. It routinely backups all of your statistics, and you could switch it every time needed.

But it gives best 5GB of loose area. This a good deal garage area fills up in no time, so the top class model is necessary.

How to transfer large files in the free cloud?

TeraBox is the satisfactory software for loose massive document switch due to its speedy importing and downloading velocity. It lets in the switch of massive documents of as much as 20GBs in a single go. The documents may be transferred to a couple of structures and devices, whether or not it’s miles an Android one or iPhone or PC. In addition, it additionally has a web-primarily based totally software which can run on any net browser.

The documents may be uploaded to the cloud first. It gives 1TB garage area free of charge, and you could add documents as much as 4GB free of charge and 20GB for 2.99$ month-to-month subscription, less expensive than any cloud provider carriers you could find. It also can add three hundred documents concurrently. In addition, TeraBox helps far off add which can add documents shape far off servers the usage of https and bit torrent links. After importing, you could effortlessly down load the documents to the vacation spot tool at a completely speedy velocity.

Let’s see the way to switch massive documents the usage of TeraBox free of charge.

Steps to Cloud Transfer Large Files Using TeraBox

Step 1: Download TeraBox For PC and set up it for your pc.

Step 2: Launch the software and log into your account. If you’re new, you could create an account.

Step 3: Click at the add button and pick out the documents out of your pc or faucet at the “+” sign at the cellular model. TeraBox will add the documents at a completely speedy velocity.

Step four: Now, you could visit the vacation spot pc wherein you need to switch those documents. Install the software at the pc and check in for your account.

Step 5: Select the documents which you need to switch. Click at the Download button. Select the vacation spot folder and click on on Download. The quickest velocity can climb to four.7M/S!

Final Thoughts

You can switch massive documents the usage of cloud switch. It is easy, quick, and reliable, and the documents may be transferred to any tool and anywhere. We have defined some cloud switch services, however we fantastically endorse TeraBox cloud garage. It is a loose cloud to switch documents and might switch 20GB of statistics in a single go. Sign up for TeraBox and revel in 1 TB garage area free of charge.


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