Riveting device for simultaneously driving rivets in opposite sides of automobile or other like constructions

Statements. (Cl. 7 349) This invention pertains to a hydraulic riveting equipment which happens to be, notably appropriate for riveting box automobile roof sections into the facet wall sections thereof. airport limousine atlantaWhile in the riveting of car roof sections to car or truck facet wall sections, as previously achieved by means of standard riveting hammers, the sounds made inside the box car due to the hammer and the reverberations through the closed side partitions of the car, make the Operating problems for the duration of these kinds of operation pretty much unbearable. That challenge has long been solved by giving the process for forming a head around the rivet by hydraulic stress instead of by hammering affect, whereby a silent operation is obtained.

In forming a head with a rivet shank, both sizzling or cold, by successive impacts of the standard air hammer, the preformed head close in the rivet is supported or bucked-up in its wanted situation whilst the fast recurring impacts are placed on variety The top about the shank conclusion. As a result of quick time period of the impacts, the bucking up operation may be satisfactorily executed by a worker leaning with an acceptable Instrument in opposition to the initial head in the rivet, even though the shank conclusion of your rivet is remaining fashioned. In which the rivet head should be to be formed by hydraulic stress on the top of your shank, however, it really is diflicult to buck up or help the rivet in situation versus the continuous tension of The pinnacle-forming Resource. One of the objects on the invention is to offer a hydraulic tension riveting device for riveting car roof sections into the facet wall sections of the car with relative relieve and rapidity.Yet another object of this invention is to deliver a car or truck roof riveting device where a rigid guidance is manufactured available to buck up the rivet that is certainly getting fashioned and shaped below hydraulic strain.A further item of this invention is to supply a riveting machine for riveting motor vehicle roof sections into the side wall sections or for analogous operations, in which the symmerty with the box car construction is used in reference to the operation and disposition in the riveting device whereby running forces might be cooperatively connected simultaneously within and outdoors of the vehicle composition.A further object in the invention is to supply a hydraulic riveting device whereby comparatively heavy pieces are properly supported on a tramway system for simple and easy movement along the duration of the car body to be able the working portions of the equipment could be quickly positioned for the riveting operation, and after that quickly released once the completion on the riveting Procedure, to permit rapid straightforward motion to the subsequent riveting placement, in progressive sequence.

A further item of the invention is to supply a riveting equipment through which the working parts of the riveting machine have to be positioned in correct riveting position on each side of a car or truck aspect wall portion before the riveting Procedure may very well be commenced.Another object of this invention is to offer an quickly applied tramway system along the size of an auto overall body 2,845,825 Patented Aug. five, 1958 ice and the two sides thereof, for allowing swift, easy and straightforward movement of your riveting componets inside the auto system, to operating positions in the rivets to get headed.Yet another item of this creation is to offer a riveting device that is definitely prone of speedy assembly and nec essary adjustment for just a riveting operation, and that’s also swiftly separable after completion in the operation, for advancing movement to the following working position.For other objects and an improved knowledge of the creation, reference could possibly be had to the subsequent specific description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, where:Fig. one can be a front elevational perspective of the riveting ma chine In accordance with one modification, in a standard transverse place relative to an auto physique, in which the roof is becoming riveted on the side customers within the rivet heading Procedure outside of the car body;two is really a view much like Fig. one, of another modification wherein the rivet heading functions are performed from the inside of the vehicle physique;

is definitely an enlarged fragmentary elevational check out, with elements in area and damaged absent, demonstrating the final arrangement and development on the pressure unit for heading a rivet, as within the modification proven in Fig. 2, along with a touring carriage for supporting and moving a person stop of the inside bracing and response bar with a tramway that runs the size of the vehicle entire body is surely an enlarged fragmentary facet elevational perspective, and with elements damaged absent to show and clearly show a lot more Plainly hand-operated suggests for pre-positioning a bracing or bucking dolly to hold a rivet in place, although a head is being fashioned within the shank conclude thereof; is undoubtedly an enlarged fragmentary longitudinal Watch of one of many rivet heading equipment with portions damaged away to point out the interior thereof.As revealed in Fig. one, the riveting machine of the first modification comprises normally a rigid yoke 11, extensive adequate to span the width of an automobile body and on the outside thereof, an interior bracing or bucking bar 12 of sufficient All round size to span the House involving two reverse facet partitions or wall sections of the vehicle human body, a tramway method 13 to help and enable the internal bucking bar 12 to vacation progressively to riveting positions longitudinally disposed together the size of the car aspect customers and inside the car system, a motor operated supply of hydraulic force or strain creating device fourteen for giving a fluid stressed into a hydraulic force device 12′ supported in The interior bucking 12 in the motor vehicle system, as well as a hydraulic riveter or gun 15 supported on a person conclude in the yoke eleven, beyond the car overall body.

The car overall body is indicated. normally in dotted define, and features a roof section seventeen, having downwardly extending aprons eighteen and 19, which happens to be positioned to nest, or relaxation on, laterally inwardly curved flanges 21 and 22, of two respective side associates 23 and 24 managing the size of the car overall body. The side associates that are revealed respectively supported on vertical facet wall frame members 25 and 26 that serve typically as being the vertical, supports with the aspect wall coverings for that car system.The details of building of the vehicle overall body are of relevance herein simply to illustrate the tactic of operation with the riveting machine and to the extent that some of the vertical assistance associates 25 and 26 are used to assist the tramway program thirteen that extends lengthwise along the side walls of the car body.Taking into consideration now the varied factors in additional element, the yoke 11 is revealed supported by two cables 28 and 29 Which might be suspended from the touring crane, not shown, but that is accessible to maneuver the yoke eleven, when in its illustrated transverse situation, progressively alongside the’duration of the car overall body, And so the yoke could be selectively positioned transversely of the vehicle body at selected riveting positions along the vehicle body to outcome a riveting Procedure at All those respective positions.

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