Professional AC Repair & Maintenance Services

To start with, how about we decide whether the condenser fan has fizzled. You need to ensure that your indoor regulator is set to cool and that the temperature setting is turned down, and that you’ve walked out on for your heater and your outside unit, at that point you need to affirm that the open air unit is gaining the power signal.

There two or three different ways to do this; you could remove the control board on the gathering unit (which you may have to do later AC repair Stafford at any rate) and utilize your multimeter to affirm that contactor is getting “pulled in.” If it is, you’ll have around 24 volts across the contactor (see this video for a definite portrayal).

We should expect that the contactor works and that the condenser fan isn’t running. If so, at that point the blower will cycle on and off a couple of times until the control load up perceives an issue and bolts the unit out.

Alright, how about we change the condenser fan engine.

You’ll have to kill the capacity to the outside condenser unit at the breaker, as seen above, under CAUTION.

At that point you’ll require your screwdrivers or nut drivers to eliminate the units cover; you’ll need to disengage the engine from the cover, eliminate the fan sharp edge from the engine shaft, and introduce the new engine with the old fan cutting edge (except if the new engine accompanied it).

As a side note, I for the most part suggest supplanting the fan edge also; it tends to be difficult to get off the old shaft, particularly in the event that you don’t have the correct apparatuses.

With regards to reconnecting the new fan engine’s force links, you’ll need to follow the wiring graph precisely. On the off chance that you’re not open to perusing a wiring chart, at that point you shouldn’t play out this progression.

Presently how about we turn the unit’s force on again and check whether it begins. Fantastic! The fan is running! It’s still running…it will not quit running! Alright, on to the following possible issue. Presently we’ll take a gander at changing the capacitor.

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