Despite sharing differing ideologies as opposed to the Government, you cannot help but praise the inclusion of two prompt, comprehensive, and extremely targeted healthcare schemes, in PMJAY and PMMVY.

While both these healthcare policies and schemes aim to appease a larger user base, they certainly have their target audience. Regardless of the plan, you are eligible for, it is important to understand that they still cater to the vulnerable, disadvantaged, and underprivileged populace, albeit in altering ways.

PMJAY or the Ayushman Bharat Yojna in Detail

Arguably the largest government-backed healthcare vigil in the world, the Ayushman Bharat Yojna aims at lending all-inclusive medical facilities and coverage to the destitute. Better viewed as a health cover of sorts, the PMJAY aims at canopying over 50 Crore citizens, with each connected to the widest possible network of impaneled hospitals, diagnostic clinics, and doctors, via the Ayushman Card.


When it comes to the eligibility discourse, PMJAY specifically caters to rural families that have no earning male members. Plus, as far as the professional coverage is concerned, the scheme conceals families of laborers, manual scavengers, domestic workers, rag pickers, beggars, construction workers, rickshaw pullers, conductors, and more, regardless of the rural and urban landscape.


Essentially a health insurance policy, the Ayushman Bharat Yojna, or rather PMJAY strives to offer a protection package of up to 5 lakhs, with a focus on primary medical expenses, secondary treatment costs, pre-hospitalization charges, post treatment care, PAN India distribution, and zero out-of-pocket premiums.

PMMVY in Detail

As much as the PMJAY scheme is beneficial in terms of a healthcare plan with cashless reimbursement of used facilities being the focal point, certain requirements are strictly financial and require direct cash in hand.

This is where the PMMVY or rather the Pradhan MantriMatruVandanaYojna comes across as a handy healthcare scheme, specifically targeting pregnant women and lactating mothers.


PMMVY keeps it simple and aims at extending financial facilities to every pregnant and lactating woman, except the ones employed by the state or Central government.


This healthcare scheme redirects benefits and readily puts the hand, where the mouth is. This means, instead of filing for a healthcare card or having to go through the extended process of searching for impaneled hospitals, PMMVY targets making direct deposits into the accounts.

Differences between the PMJAY and PMMVY Schemes


As PMJAY is a health insurance plan, disbursements for the usage of healthcare facilities, consumables, and services are directly made to the hospitals. No financial assistance is provided directly to the eligible individuals and their families.

PMMVY, on the other hand, ensures that the registered women receive a partial wage compensation of 5000 rupees, directly in their accounts. However, the sum is paid out in three installments.


Registering for the PMJAY scheme requires you or your family to feature on the SECC database. However, even if the census doesn’t have your name, you can furnish the requisite documents to get an Ayushman Card and start procuring the associated benefits.

In the case of PMMVY, the concerned woman needs to register twice, first her pregnancy and second the childbirth.

Financial Cover

PMJAY lets you gain medical facilities of up to 5 lakhs whereas the PMMVY puts Rs. 5000 in your hands, in three installments of 1 thousand, 2 thousand, and 2 thousand rupees, respectively.

Final Words

Although both these schemes are extremely vital to perpetuating a sense of well-being amid the deprived, weak, and misinformed sections of society, they need to be viewed in cohesion to ensure comprehensive development. If you aren’t eligible for either, Finserv MARKETS has you covered with several other targeted plans to choose from.


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