Buy Oppo A5s, which is not only has attractive looks but is equipped with some really impressive features as well. The mobile phone has been launched in India on April 21,2021 ( Official) at an starting price of Rs. 8,541.

This Oppo A5s is a great value for money and comes with a lot of impressive features like built-in FM radio, large memory space, Android OS v5.2, Dual SIM card support, Android O and colorOS 5.2. The Oppo A5s comes with a high resolution camera with a dual LED flash and other notable features such as OVI lens, 5 MP front camera, Steady Charge, MMS, EME Bar, USB Type-C port, event caller and much more. Apart oppo a5s from all these amazing features, this handset has also been loaded with some advanced applications, such as Google Maps, MMS, email client and many more. The OPPO Ace in India comes with a unique feature – Auto Effect setting. This facility enables the user to adjust the visual experience according to the requirement, making the device appear smarter and cooler. The auto effect setting also helps the users to change the color of their devices according to their moods and needs.

The Oppo A5s is loaded with advanced facilities and offers users with some unique features as well. It offers users with an efficient connectivity options as it supports the 3G and Wifi standards. The connectivity features of this smartphone have kept up with the latest technology and are capable of downloading apps which use the latest technologies. The Wifi Direct software allows users to enjoy internet usage on the go. This software also works on the Samsung Gear S2.

The Oppo A5s features a unique dual camera which is similar to that of Sony Ericsson’s Normandy. This device has a single camera which can be used to take photos or record videos. However, the good thing about this smartphone is that the front and secondary sensors of the smartphone work together to take the pictures. This unique feature makes the A5s an ideal choice for people who love taking pictures but do not want to get their hands dirty.

The Oppo A5S comes with a colorOS 5.2 mobile operating system. The impressive part about this software is that it offers users with a complete mobile solution. Users can access a large catalogue of widgets and add-ons using this unique feature. They can even enjoy music and video and chat with their friends over the internet. ColorOS allows users to perform a number of functions using the android interface such as enjoying a picture gallery, playing games, viewing the maps and camera, listening to voice commands, accessing the messaging system and viewing the calendar.

While the internal memory of the Oppo A5S is limited to 16GB, this does not affect its speed as the handset is capable of loading up to 20% of the memory without crashing. In addition to the large internal storage, the Oppo A5S comes with a powerful rear camera which offers users a large image and a clear zoom. The resolution of this camera is quite good and users can enjoy the photos till the very end if they wish to do so. However, this handset runs on a relatively slow battery which should be enough of a reason for buyers to purchase this handset.

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