There are five philosophies or practices that have been followed through entrepreneurs in the history of advertising and marketing management. These philosophies supply advertising moves direction and reason. They are expressed by means of the sort of advertising capabilities achieved and the manner they are performed.

Production idea

Companies produce and distribute those products they’re capable of offer most correctly. The concept indicates:
(a) Concern for production with little or no issue for customers’ delight.
(b) It assumes that there may be a marketplace for the product and that supply creates it own call for.
(c) Emphasis is placed on product availability and coffee expenses. This advertising and marketing philosophy holds in which the subsequent conditions exist.
(i) When purchasers have a low or little discretionary income.
(ii) When shortages exist in the economic system.
(iii) Where there may be low competition resulting from a cartel operation or monopoly.

Product idea

This concept holds that customers characteristics of philosophy will desire the ones merchandise, which provide higher first-rate, overall performance and different blessings. This concept is built on the notion that “a great product will promote itself”. Here too, the manufacturer does not think about the desires of the consumers in the course of the product design and planning. A function characteristic of this concept is the production of advanced merchandise.

Sales concept

The income idea operates in an economy where there’s a rise within the trendy of dwelling and given rise in mass production. According to Kotler (1997:19), the signal of the promoting idea is to promote what they make in place of make what the market wants. The main functions of this idea consist of difficult promoting or competitive promoting techniques, use of distribution and advertising gimmicks to woo clients. There isn’t any provision for purchaser pleasure.

Marketing idea

The advertising and marketing concept or marketing philosophy holds that manufacturers ought to do an evaluation of the ability clients after which make decisions designed to fulfill those want. The companies in which advertising principles are practiced are seemed as purchaser-oriented agencies. Marketing concepts includes:
(a) focus on client needs
(b) Integration of all activities of the agency – productions, administration, finances to fulfill these needs.
(c) Achieving long-run profits via pride of customers’ desires.

The situations below which marketing idea are probably to be applied are:
(a) a distinctly competitive marketplace
(b) an economic system wherein the general public of clients have access to the primary natural wishes of existence and enjoys a high wellknown of residing.

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