Looking for a reliable korea translation agency? Then read on to learn about ALTA, VOVF and Gengo. You can also look into the services offered by ALTA, including the benefits of hiring them for your next project. All four agencies offer excellent quality at affordable rates. Below, we discuss a few of their best features. We hope this article will help you find the right one for your project!


VOVF is a korea translation agency that provides high-quality Korean translations. The translators at VOVF are native Korean speakers and only translate into their native language or their area of specialization. This ensures the highest level of quality translations. They can handle all kinds of documents, from contracts to technical manuals, and provide proofreading services as well. VOVF also offers a 24-hour translation service, which gives its clients the peace of mind that they’ll be getting the highest quality of translations possible.

When looking for a translation agency, keep in mind that big companies with multiple offices will generally charge more to cover the costs of their marketing and legal departments. Regardless of whether the translation is crafted by a skilled translator or a marketing assistant, the price will be high. A company with multiple offices may not specialize in a single language pair, nor do they have in-house quality controls, so it’s better to shop around. You can do a quick Google search for “Korean translation” to find dozens of options. But, don’t let the name of the company tell you anything.


Whether you need a single phrase translated into Korean or a large document translated into English, Gengo has you covered. The company’s support quality levels are designed to suit the different types of content you have. Standard Level is best for everyday content, while Pro Level ensures accuracy and speed. The Pro Level includes a native speaker and a professional translator who is specialized in the subject matter. You can select the right quality level for your content at the bottom of the Gengo translation pricing page.

While most translation agencies offer similar services, Gengo specializes in shorter turnarounds, but it also supports larger orders. Turnaround times are estimated and will be updated as they progress through the translation process. You can review the translations right within your 3Play

Media account. Moreover, customers can make changes to their translations during the process. Its services range from offering a simple overview of content to creating a glossary and style guide for their clients.


With over 5000 certified linguists, Transperfect is one of the largest Korean language translation agencies in the world. Their services range from regular translations to website and software localization, dubbing scripts, resume translations, and much more. The company also provides interpreting services and has contracted with a number of government agencies. While the company is highly rated by clients, there are some drawbacks to using its services.

While Transperfect claims to provide top-quality translations, their reviews show that they are not worth the money. They set excessively high prices, do not deliver high-quality translations, and do not provide up-front pricing. While they claim to offer fast turnarounds, this is simply not true. The company doesn’t even offer a free sample or guarantee that their translations are 100% error-free. Therefore, if you need a translation done fast, look elsewhere.


ALTA is a Georgia-based language services firm that provides translation, interpreting, and language testing services. One of the agency’s mentors, Ally Lee, is a certified Korean Medical Interpreter. In addition to its translation services, ALTA offers accent reduction training for second-language speakers and e-learning coursework. It also provides specialized translation services in medical, legal, and technical languages. To learn more about the agency, visit the ALTA blog.

ALTA pairs you with a native Korean translator to handle your translation project. Technical manuals, for example, may require more than two languages because the terminology is complex. ALTA pairs you with a native Korean translator with relevant experience. Korean speakers are concentrated in North and South Korea, but about one million people speak the language in China and the United States. Most Korean dialects are mutually intelligible, so you don’t need to worry about localizing multiple languages.


If you’re looking for a reliable Korean translation agency, look no further than GTS. Their expert team of translators has extensive experience in various sectors, including business, legal, and medical. GTS Translation has certified translators to handle all types of documents, including contracts, patents, and IP documents. They can also handle medical translations – from clinical trial materials to medical devices and beyond. And, of course, their comprehensive range of translation services includes all kinds of documents, from websites to business manuals.

GTS is one of the leading providers of online document translation services, providing highquality work to clients from over 80 countries. They work with freelance translators from more than 80 countries and use CAT tools and advanced software technologies to ensure a quality translation. This makes them an ideal partner for any localization or translation needs you have. They also offer certified translation services. This means you can trust that your documents will be translated by professionals who are native speakers.

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