Best Local WordPress Hosting for .UK websites

After Brexit and changes in UK local data protection laws, many .uk domains website owners are not switching to UK web hosting suppliers. Not all managed WordPress hosting plans are the same, and there are lots to choose from. When buying the managed WordPress hosting plan that meets your WordPress requirements, there is a lot to compare, especially if you have a growing website. Our checklist guarantees a better selection.

Managed WordPress Hosting

It would help if you had a web hosting provider specialising in WordPress and has a good server spec and CDN points in your target client’s cities. For example, WordPress hosting offers a free complete WordPress website move service.

The Up-Time Reliability

The last thing you need is a hosting provider that goes down during peak hours

Your peak hours may be different from your hosting peak hours based on their location, so it’s always recommended to host locally. When visitors cannot access your website, they move on – to your competition, and they may never try to return to your website again. Slowness also drops your website ranking and costs money in lost sales and a negative domain ranking. The best WordPress hosting Providers have 99% reliability, equivalent to 7.20 hours in a calendar year.

Fast Loading Servers with WordPress Cache plugins installed

Most visitors do not wait any longer than 2 seconds for a WordPress website to load – any longer, and they are gone to your competitor. Only the best WordPress hosting companies allow your website to load up fast for your visitors.

WordPress website full backup

This is an absolute must because WordPress is composed of files and databases. The managed WordPress hosting companies provide daily automatic back-ups of your website and database and rollback a version of your website to date.

SSL & Secure Servers

Many companies are now offering free SSL with web hosting. Most managed WordPress plans offer free SSL, pre-installed on your website. They also offer force SSL redirect to fix mixed-content related issues. This feature makes your WordPress website independent from the hosting configuration.

WordPress technical support:

The most significant advantage of managed WordPress hosting is that you can directly reach WordPress experts. They can quickly fix your website issues because they deal with these problems daily.

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