EDMs, or electronic discharge machines, are computer-controlled machine tools that use electrical discharges or sparks to create a desired shape in a metal. An EDM machine can be referred to interchangeably as spark machinery, die sinking, spark erosion, or wire erosion, as metals are subjected to different electrical processes to obtain the desired design or shape.
There are two main types of electronic discharge machines.
A penetration EDM that uses an insulating liquid (oil or dielectric fluid) to apply electric shocks and a wire EDM that uses a single strand of brass wire to make deep cuts in metal. Other popular types include spark and small hole EDMs.

There is a very long list low speed wire cut EDM consumables of industries that use these machine tools. From coin making to vehicle parts manufacturing, these industries and more have benefited from the precision and efficiency of various EDM machines. In the production of molds or the creation of prototypes of any component of machinery, they are indispensable as a tool for the manufacture of molds. Countless industries such as automotive, electronics, mechanical, and aerospace have used parts and components that are produced with these machines.
EDMs are also used in processes that require precise and precise cutting or shaping. Small hole drilling EDM is used to create holes in metal parts so that large plates can be eroded into metal without the need for pre-drilling. This method is used in many industries to create parts such as jet engine turbine blades, different components for fuel systems, and many more.
Why are EDMs preferred over other computer controlled cutting machines?
• These machine tools can cut hard metals according to any assembly design, which may not be possible with other types of traditional cutting tools. They can shape extremely hard metals that are impossible with many other cutting tools and equipment.
• They are designed to create high quality and precision finished products. Problems with the end product of the product are eliminated as there is no point of contact between the tool and the metal or the work piece.
• The end result is a metal part with a good surface finish due to critical cutting
tool capacity. Even fine holes are possible with EDM that is impossible to recreate using any standard cutting tool.

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