5 Awesome Foods For Improving Mental Health


We have been listening from our childhood that eating healthy keeps us physically fit. But healthy eating also positively affects our mental health. If you are facing difficulty in concentration or mood swings, then do not worry. Because a healthy diet will overcome this issue, and you will feel more alert. For helping you, we will discuss five awesome food for improving your mental health.

Remember that healthy eating increases attention span and concentration, while an incomplete diet leads you toward slow reaction time, boredom, laziness, impaired decision making, and fatigue. All these symptoms increase the risk of depression and stress. To avoid these symptoms, follow the best five food given below:

Include whole grains in your diet

For all of us, carbohydrates are delicious, and we give priority to them on our dining table. Also, according to researches, they are abundant sources of tryptophan. It is an amino acid that helps in producing serotonin. Serotonin improves mood and also helps in the proper sleep cycle. Because I’m off these qualities, whole-grain improves mental health as peaceful sleep is necessary for a calm mind.

According to Dr. Kristin Koskinen, the host of Eat Well, Live Well, whole grain like oats, burgers, and rice produce a large amount of tyrosine, which acts as a neurotransmitter improving mood. Whole grain also includes vitamin B, which improves mood and mental health. Buckwheat has antioxidant rutin and quercetin, which in treating stress and inflammations.

Eat pulses and beans.

Beans and pulses like lentils, kidney beans, and chickpeas have many fibers and antioxidants, which the stomach full for a longer r period. Consequently, the blood sugar level remains constant, enabling you to burn more energy and is crucial for mental health. Beans also have thiamine. Thiamine is essential for producing acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter vital for recall.

Also, they are cheap in price and a high source of proteins and minerals. Add an adequate amount of pinto or garbanzo beans to your diet as they are high in Folate, helping you cope with symptoms of depression said by Dr Alien (Canadian Pharmacy Admin)

Add a few nuts to your diet.

Add nuts like Brazil nuts, almonds, cashew, and walnut to your diet. They are a rich source of omega-three fatty acid, and walnut is the most beneficial in all of them. They support mental health and also brain health as it is the best source of protein. You may have noticed that they also look like a brain by shape, so consume a handful of the walnut-like snake. It also helps in inhibiting oxidation as it is rich in antioxidants. Moreover, they are connected with neuron growth. So walnuts are n growing new neurons or brain cells which is crucial for proper mental health.

Researchers found that depression is lower in individuals who consume walnuts per day. This study was conducted through a nutrition examination survey and having a sample of about 26,000 Americans. It was also shown that people who consume nuts have a high level of optimism, concentration, and longer attention in Spain, hope, and energy.

Consume green leafy vegetables and fruit

Vegetables and fruit are good for physical as well as mental health. If you want to stay healthy and fit for a long time, eat vegetables and fruits like carrots, cucumber, grapefruit, kiwi fruit, spinach, a rich source of iron, and lettuce, bananas, fresh berries, and citrus fruits. These fruits and vegetables are associated with improving mental health and lowering symptoms of stress and depression.

The more fruits and vegetables you consume, the more your life span and good overall health. Those individuals who have vegetables and fruits in their diet have lower stress levels, negativity, and depression. Also, they are more happy, satisfied, and optimistic about life.

Eat berries

Berries include strawberries, raspberries, blueberries blackberries. They look so refreshing and delicious that any one of us wants to eat them. Moreover, it is a rich source of antioxidants and helps in cell repeating. It is also beneficial for improving inflammation which is due to free radical damage. Berries have a compound that is associated with memory improvement, attention span, and concentration. Also, it improves symptoms of anxiety, depression, and overall mental health.

Bottom line

American Dietetic association argues that people that sometimes people eat less or too much in stress or depression. Remember that too much eating lead a person toward obesity and sluggishness. But if we replace it with consuming healthy foods, it will improve your mental health. Remember, do not eat watching television as it is distracting and causing overeating. Sit, relax, chew slowly, and feel the taste and texture of your food.

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